Jessie J: "I Hate Fake Tan And Dirty Nails"

10 January 2012, 09:20 | Updated: 10 January 2012, 09:31

The singer says British men should follow Americans when it comes to hygiene.

Jessie J has revealed that she's not a fan of boys who wear fake tan and have dirty nails.

The 'Who You Are' star, who admitted last year that she is bisexual, said she wished British boys would follow their American counterparts approach to hygiene.

"I'm all about the hygiene so I hate dirty nails. Just have a pedicure!" she said.

Jessie added to The Sun: "I see that a lot when I'm in New York, guys with pedicures. You don't really get that in the UK. I also think it should be illegal not to floss. And I hate greasy hair.

"I really hate fake tan too."

Meanwhile, Jessie has confirmed that she will officially release 'Domino' as her next single.

The track, which features on a platinum edition of her debut album 'Who You Are', will be released on 27th February.

'Domino' is already in the top 5 on the iTunes chart – six weeks before its impact date – while Jessie J unveiled the video for the song on Boxing Day.