Jessie J Defends Her Sexuality

Jessie laughs off fans who shout abuse in the street.

'Price Tag' singer Jessie J says she's distinctly unimpressed with fans yelling insults related to her sexuality.

"It makes me laugh when I’m out and people shout abuse like, 'Lesbian!'," she said.

"If your gonna diss me, at least make it worth it."

Jessie has openly talked about her sexuality, and has said her parents have always been supportive of her choices, but she doesn't want to be defined by it.

"It is so boring, 'Jessie J the bisexual singer'," Jessie told the Daily Mirror. "They wouldn’t say Beyonce, the straight singer."

"There is a song on my album called Love and it is about a girlfriend of mine that I had.

"But I didn't want it as a single 'cause I don’t want my sexuality to be a gimmick."