Jessie J: 'Being famous is mad'

Jessie J has admitted she finds being famous 'mad'.

The 'Price Tag' singer, who has scored a chart topping single and sold over 1 million singles this year, said she still can't get her head around her success.

'It's mad. I can't be in six countries at once, I can’t tweet back to 4,000 people a day, I hardly see my family,' she explained.

'My whole life has been pulled from under me, but that's not a bad thing – I just have to learn how to deal with it.'

Despite her success Jess believes she'll be in the fame game for the long haul.

'There’s something telling me this isn't going to be a come-and-go story,' she told Top Of The Pops magazine.

'My fans are going to stick around!'

Jess is due to appear at Capital's Summertime Ball this Sunday (June 12th).