Jessie J's New Album 'Alive': Song Lyric Sheets

21 September 2013, 13:48

Jessie J 'Alive' Album Lyric Sheets

The 'It's My Party' singer's second studio album is almost here so make sure you're ready for 'Alive' by checking out Capital's guide to the record.

Jessie J releases her brand new album 'Alive' on 23rd September so make sure you're ready for the 'It's My Party' star's second record by checking out our full guide.

The 'Domino' star has just unveiled full song lyric sheets for all twelve songs from the standard edition of 'Alive', so now there's no excuse for not knowing EVERY lyric before the record's release.

'Alive' boasts collaborations with artists including Dizzee Rascal, Brandy and Becky G as well as some of Jessie's most personal songs to date.

Jessie J officially releases new album 'Alive' on 23rd September when she will also perform live at iTunes Festival 2013.

Check out our guide to Jessie J's brand new record 'Alice' below:

1. 'It's My Party'

Stand-out song lyric: "So put this record on and keep it going till I say stop!"

Check out the official video for 'It's My Party' below:

2. 'Thunder'

Stand-out song lyric: "This ain't no mistake, you make my earth quake!"

3. 'Square One'

Stand-out song lyric: "I don't wanna walk when I just learnt how to run".

4. 'Sexy Lady'

Stand-out song lyric: "Keep standing tall and hold your ground, show 'em it's not okay to let em kick you down".

5. 'Harder We Fall'

Stand-out song lyric: "We'll never run from our mistakes, the harder we fall the harder we try".

6. 'Breathe'

Stand-out song lyric: "So together we can breathe, I wanna give you all of me".

7. 'I Miss Her'

Stand-out song lyric: "I miss her even though she's still here, you need to listen, don't let her disappear".

8. 'Daydreaming'

Stand-out song lyric: "Imagination running wild, I need to realise this ain't real!"

9. 'Excuse My Rude' feat. Becky G

Stand-out song lyric: "I can't believe that this is what it's come to, I've held it in but it's time you know the truth".

10. 'Wild' feat. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal

Stand-out song lyric: "When it gets rough and the rain starts pouring, I turn up the heat 'coz the drama ain't important".

Watch the 'Wild' music video below:

11. 'Gold'

Stand-out song lyric: "Everyone dies but not everyone lives, everyone takes but not everyone gives".

12. 'Conquer The World' feat. Brandy

Stand-out song lyric: "I'm gonna be strong for you when the days get rough, so don't ever give up, together we can conquer the world".

13. 'Alive'

Stand-out song lyric: "Let's raise a glass to you and I, let's show and tell that we survive".