Inside Harry Styles's Vocal Training Which 'Drastically Improved' Singer's Ability

12 May 2020, 11:23

Harry Styles has drastically improved his vocals through years of training
Harry Styles has drastically improved his vocals through years of training. Picture: Getty Images/ Twitter @HarryFacts

Harry Styles has been working with a renowned vocal coach for four years, and as a result, has increased his vocal range hugely to give incredible performances such as 'Falling' at the 2020 BRITs.

Harry Styles has been honing his craft more than ever in recent years, kicking his songwriting into overdrive, and working with one of the best vocal coaches in the world to expand his vocals range two whole octaves, which is seriously impressive!

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A fan page for the 'Adore You' singer, @HarryFacts, revealed the significant increase to the 26-year-old's range after working with Ron Anderson, vocal trainer to the stars, since 2016, and seeing a vast improvement to his ability and overall performance.

It was whilst performing 'Falling' from his second album, 'Fine Line' at the 2020 BRITs that Harry laid his raw talent and true vocal ability out, belting the ballad on stage and blew people away with the flawless rendition.

He proved once and for all those four years of vocal training have seriously paid off!

The fact page continues on to mention the 'Watermelon Sugar' has "drastically improved his technique."

They wrote: "He always had an incredible musical ear and great pitching, but he used to struggle with straining & breath control, both issues which he’s now solved."

Showing clips other vocal coaches praising his performances throughout their thread, Harry has been especially praised for his 'effortless' singing which also conveys plenty of emotion, and his falsetto (very high singing) having improved drastically.

His 'belts' have been complemented as strong, and his voice is suited to a number of different genres, and seeing as we've seen the former One Direction star move between pop, pop rock, indie, folk, soul and even funk- it's amazing to see him fulfilling his full potential and being the superstar he's always been!

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