These Harry Styles 'Twin' Lookalikes Have Fooled Even His Biggest Fans

4 May 2020, 15:33

Harry Styles twin lookalikes go viral on Twitter
Harry Styles lookalikes have been fooling even his biggest fans. Picture: Getty Images

There isn't enough Harry Styles to go around all of us, sadly, but one fan's compiled a thread of lookalike's and we think it'll do just fine.

Harry Styles, as we all know, is a man in demand, and whilst it's unlikely many of us will get to meet the man, the myth, the legend himself, there are some pretty close lookalikes out there that may just have to do.

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One Twitter user (and assumedly, die hard Harry fan) @hesloveonIy, posted a shot of two Harry lookalikes, who they say are twins, hailing from different eras, and we're NGL, they are spookily uncanny.

She wrote: "So ur telling me someone found 2 harry lookalikes bc they were twins and they’re like two different harry eras i’m sick."

One Harry is the original, floppy haired wayfarer Harry who rocked Chelsea boots (which the doppelgänger is also wearing?!) we know so well from One Direction's heyday, and the other is a slightly later, long-haired version of the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer.

Fans flooded comments of disbelief under the two snaps, as well as demanding internet sleuths hunt down the lookalikes!

Many wrote "wait that's not Harry" an others simply wrote "WTF."

Fans in disbelief over Harry Styles lookalikes
Fans in disbelief over Harry Styles lookalikes. Picture: Twitter

Turns out, the pictures were taken some time ago in Copenhagen, and they were a couple of Danish guys whose social media accounts reveal to them look very similar to the British singer (we think, anyway), something fans haven't been shy about letting them know, whilst others don't see the resemblance.

So, turns out there are Harry's lurking round every corner, in many different parts of the world- keep your eyes peeled, it may even turn out to be the real one!

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