WATCH: Harry Styles Reveals He's Going On Tour In 2020

30 October 2019, 15:57

'Lights Up' singer, Harry Styles, has revealed the reason he couldn't play Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid is because he's heading on tour in 2020.

Harry Styles says he is planning on going on tour in 2020 in the wake of his new music, something he 'hasn't announced' yet, until now that is, whilst speaking to Roman, Vick & Sonny on Capital Breakfast!

WATCH: Harry Styles Explains Why He Isn't Playing Prince Eric In The Little Mermaid

Harry Styles reveals he's going on tour in 2020
Harry Styles reveals he's going on tour in 2020. Picture: Getty Images/ Global

After joking about trying to 'worm his way out' of revealing the reason why he couldn't play Prince Eric in Disney's upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid, the 25-year-old eventually caved and told Roman, Vick & Sonny in a FaceTime chat:

"They shoot for so long, and I want to tour next year, maybe, potentially...haven't announced that yet."

Well, it sounds like the cat may be out the bag now, Haz!

The Dunkirk actor admitted he had been in talks for the coveted role, but his focus is elsewhere, on his new music.

The 'Lights Up' singer said: "I had a meeting with Rob Marshall the director, who is the most wonderful man, he's great, and it was just honestly a few things and it just wasn't... it's going to be an amazing film."

Despite the fact he's dropped the first track from his highly anticipated second album, fans still remain in the dark about many details, from the record's title (nicknamed HS2), any of the other tracks from it, or even when it will be released!

Up until now, they also had no idea if the former 1D star was planning on touring it, but yep- he definitely is!

He won't be the only pop star on the road next year, as Louis Tomlinson has also announced a tour, and Niall Horan has openly gushed about how excited he is to get back on the road to perform for fans.

Harry chatted about a whole lot more, so make sure you tune in to Capital Breakfast with Roman, Vick & Sonny on Thursday 29th October to hear the full interview with the 'Lights Up' singer from 6am!

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