Singer Kelsy Karter Reveals The Reason Behind Her Harry Styles Face Tattoo

31 January 2019, 10:41

Kelsy Karter has revealed why she got this Harry Styles tattoo.
Kelsy Karter has revealed why she got this Harry Styles tattoo. Picture: Instagram

Kelsy Karter has explained the meaning behind her Harry Styles tattoo.

Singer Kelsy Karter shocked the internet when she posted a photo of Harry Styles tattoo on her face.

The LA-based singer took to social media to show off her new ink from tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste, captioning it: "mama, look what i made me do."

Harry Styles Fans Slam Kelsy Karter's Face Tattoo As Fake And For Publicity

However, Harry fans have slammed the singer saying it’s been done for publicity to promote her new single 'Harry' and the tattoo is fake. But Kelsy has hit back at critics saying: “It’s completely unrelated”.

In a new interview the singer has revealed the real reason behind the tat, saying: “I wear my heart on my cheek”

In the discussion with The Edge Afternoon Show, she emphasised she respected Harry and is a big fan of what he’s done for rock ‘n’ roll.

“I'm a big fan of Harry and I'm not afraid to express it and I honestly don't know how to do anything half-a**ed,” she confessed.

*WORLD EXCLUSIVE* (whispers exclusive) Kelsy Karter the Kiwi singer who’s gone viral for having Harry Styles face tattooed on her face called the show today...

Posted by The Edge Afternoons with Jono, Ben & Sharyn on Monday, 28 January 2019

“As a fellow musician, I really respect what he’s doing for rock ‘n’ roll. I’m a female in the modern day movement of rock ‘n’ roll and he’s exposed the kids to sounds they might have not otherwise heard.” She continued.

“Because he came from the pop world and did a rock ‘n’ roll album, it’s opened doors for people like me. I really respect what he’s doing and love what he’s doing – and he’s nice to look at.”

However, Kelsy would not reveal whether the man himself had reached out to her privately.

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