Harry Styles's Star Power Shone At The #CapitalJBB With 'Adore You' & 'Watermelon Sugar'

8 December 2019, 10:24 | Updated: 11 December 2019, 12:58

Harry Styles reminded us he's a rockstar once again at the #CapitalJBB
Harry Styles reminded us he's a rockstar once again at the #CapitalJBB. Picture: PA

Mr. Styles has officially made every person in London's O2 hoarse from screaming at his superstar set packed with smash hits including 'Adore You', 'Lights' Up' and 'Watermelon Sugar'.

Harry Styles has blessed us with his godly presence for his solo debut at the Jingle Bell Ball, hitting the stage to deliver a show stopping performance of his fresh new hits from his upcoming 'Fine Line', and one very special One Direction surprise for everyone.

Liam Payne Just Watched Harry Styles Perform One Direction At The Jingle Bell Ball

Yup, after delivering a seriously rockstar worthy performance of 'Lights Up', 'Adore You' and 'Watermelon Sugar', the 26-year-old had jaws dropping when he sang 'What Makes You Beautiful', with his former bandmate Liam Payne watching on from the crowd.

Take a listen to Harry's performance below, we promise you'll want to hear this...

  1. Kicking off his #CapitalJBB solo debut, Harry belted out 'Lights Up' to the loudest screams we've ever heard

  2. 'Adore You' only dropped on Friday 5th December and the entire stadium knew every lyric, proving Harry's undeniable star power

  3. We are still out here debating what we loved more- Harry's rhinestone jumpsuit, or the sound of 'Watermelon Sugar' playing out at London's O2

  4. Returning to his debut solo album for the crowd's favourite tune, 'Sign Of The Times'

  5. Harry put his own special spin on One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'

Before his set, Harry dropped by for a studio chat with Jimmy Hill (the lucky so and so), and we finally got to ask him about that American accent fans have been picking up on recently- which he didn't seem to think he has!

Upon Jimmy asking about the 'twang', Harry quizzed, "Do i now?...I don't think i do... only maybe a little bit.."

He then confirmed he's moved back across the pond for good, telling Jimmy: "I live in London, I was recording there [LA] quite a bit and worked there a lot but no, I live in London."

Set List

- Lights Up

- Adore You

- Watermelon Sugar

- Sign Of The Time

- What Makes You Beautiful

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