Harry Styles & His Sweet Music Is Getting Everyone Through Lockdown

7 April 2020, 12:33

Harry Styles is getting everyone through lockdown with 'Fine Line'
Harry Styles is getting everyone through lockdown with 'Fine Line'. Picture: Getty Images

It's safe to say Harry Styles is getting fans around the world through this lockdown, who have been tweeting they won't be turning off 'Fine Line' for the foreseeable future, and honestly, same.

Harry Styles has been isolating in LA for the past couple of weeks, saying he's been eating tons of bread (can relate) and has watched every movie to exist (we can also relate), but we can't help but wonder if he knows that 'Fine Line' is getting so many people through this lockdown?

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Fans have been taking to Twitter to let everyone know they won't be turning the 26-year-old's second album off throughout the entirety of this pandemic, heralding it their soundtrack, no matter how long it all lasts!

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One fan wanted to publicly apologise to those they live near as they haven't turned off 'Fine Line' yet.

They wrote: "My whole neighbourhood prolly tired of me blasting the fine line album but listen here i wont stop blasting this thing until we get released from lockdown so better start stanning harry styles cos we aint goin' nowhere for a while."

One fan isn't even bothered they're having to spent their birthday on lockdown, because to them, they get to listen to 'Fine Line' again, so what's there really to complain about?!

They wrote: "It’s my birthday today and it kinda sucks that I have to spend my birthday in isolation, but I’ll never say ‘no’ to a day where I can listen to Fine Line by @Harry_Styles all day. Thank you Harry."

When we put a shoutout asking what people are listening to during this period of isolation, were we at all surprised to see a ton of replies all saying it was Harry's album?

Oh, and of course, Niall Horan's second album, 'Heartbreak Weather', which is another perfect record.

The 'Adore You' singer told SiriusXM about his lockdown, and it was honestly the most relatable thing ever, apart from the fact he's an international superstar and everything.

He said: "I'm with people who have real jobs so they're working most of the day, which leaves me, the one without a real job, doing other things. We all get together in the evening and watch a film."

"We've watched pretty much everything that's ever been made."

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