Halsey Perfectly Addresses The Hypocrisy Of Stan Culture On Twitter

8 March 2019, 15:44

Halsey responded on Twitter after some fans took offence to her sarcasm
Halsey responded on Twitter after some fans took offence to her sarcasm. Picture: Getty / Halsey/Twitter

Halsey has promised to be “mushy gushy” with her fans on social media, after some appeared to take offence to her hilariously sarcastic manner.

‘Without Me’ songstress Halsey jokingly complained on Twitter about the double standards between herself and her loyal fan base after some of her followers “became serious” when she replied to them sarcastically.

She wrote to her 10.2 million followers: “Twitter is so weird as an artist bc u guys tweet me all sarcastic and sassy and mean out of love but if i do it back all of a sudden everything is very serious and literal and i get very confused and i’m sorry i will only be mushy gushy from now on [sic].”

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Halsey then made a meme to lighten the mood, writing: “You guys when ur sarcastic to me VS you guys when I’m sarcastic to you.”

Fans rushed to reassure the singer, with some concerned they’d actually upset her. “Are we ACTUALLY mean to u omg,” one person replied, as another said: “No no, don’t stop being sarcastic. I love it.”

“Your sarcasm just isn’t enough to match,” wrote a third, as a fourth responded: “You’re wonderful. Stay sarcastic. We love you. You’re queen!”

Halsey is always interacting with her loyal fans, so many of them begged her to continue her sarcastic and sassy ways – and all was forgiven after she shared her ‘I’m baby’ meme anyway.

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