Example: "I Impress Women With Poetry"

4 January 2012, 13:44 | Updated: 4 January 2012, 13:51

The 'Stay Awake' rapper says a well written verse is more valuable than expensive gifts.

Example has revealed that he impresses women by writing poetry.

The 'Playing In The Shadows' rapper admitted that he believes women see the same value in a poem as an expensive handbag.

Speaking to Q Magazine, he said: "Women are very impressed by poetry, it's amazing. You could buy a girl a Mulberry bag or write a poem and they'll have the same value to her.

"I'm good with rhyming words so I don't have to buy that many gifts; I'll just write a poem that takes maybe a minute."

Meanwhile, Example recently revealed that he believes The Wanted will be really big in America and believes that they are a very well polished boy band.