Example Sparks Feud With Wigan After "Insulting" The Town: "I've Had Death Threats!"

7 November 2012, 14:25

The 'Close Enemies' star says he has received a torrent of abuse after recent comments about Wigan.

Example has seemingly sparked an unlikely feud with the Northern England town of Wigan after he "insulted" the whole town through a string of messages on Twitter.

The 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' rapper has been featured on the front cover of the Wigan Evening Post after posting about how much abuse he receives from residents of the town, which led to him being attacked by furious Twitter users from the area.

"What Twitter needs is a block button for the whole of Wigan," Example tweeted this week, before later removing the post. "Most abuse I get comes from Wigan. Are there any nice people in Wigan?

"Tweeted earlier about how most abuse I get on Twitter is from people in Wigan," the 'Say Nothing' rapper added. "Unsurprisingly this has resulted in more abuse… from Wigan.

"Had 3 death threats today. I must be doing something right," Example later tweeted.

Today's cover of the Wigan Evening Post (7th November) featuring a full page picture of the 'Close Enemies' star along with the title 'Bad Example: Rapper manages to insult whole town'.

Check out the front cover of the Wigan Evening Post featuring Example below (Credit: Twitter):

Example in Wigan Evening Post from Twitter

"After receiving multiple death threats from Wigan last week this happens…" Example posted, alongside a scanned copy of the newspaper.

Example is currently preparing for the release of his new album 'The Evolution Of Man' on 19th November.