Example: 'Hollyoaks inspired 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me'

Example has told Capital Hollyoaks helped inspire his chart topping hit 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me'.

The dance star explained to Roberto, a storyline from the Channel 4 soap gave him the idea for the track.

'I was watching Hollyoaks last year and there was this couple discussing how their partner was kissing them differently and how he knew they weren't in love with him anymore,' he explained.

'I thought, 'I'm going to have that'.'

The singer also revealed that after the success of his 2010 hit 'Kickstarts' he wanted to take a new direction.

'I was looking for an idea for a new emotional rave dance-up but I wanted to go a bit darker,' he said. 'This track has dark undertones and the beats are quite aggressive.'

Example said he hopes now he has scored his first chart topping single, it will stand the test of time.

'When I finished it, I knew it was a monster song,' he added. 'I hope it still gets played in five or 10 years time. That's the sign of a good pop song.'