Example On Past BRIT Awards Snub: "I Don't Care If I Never Win An Award"

26 November 2012, 12:04

The 'Close Enemies' star says he will "die happy" even if his music doesn't get recognised at awards ceremonies.

Example has said he wouldn't mind if he never wins a BRIT Award.

The 'Close Enemies' rapper claimed that, despite his success, the event is more geared towards artists signed to a major label.

"The Brit is very much a major label party and I'm on Ministry, which is an independent," he told the Daily Star.

"Regardless of how many records I've sold or how much success I've had, they wouldn't acknowledge me.

"But I don't really mind because if you look at the Brits over the last four, five years, there's plenty of people who have won awards and then disappeared."

Example added: "Selling out arenas, churning out albums and hits, travelling the world... I don't care if I never win an award, I will still die a happy man."

The rapper released his new album 'The Evolution Of Man' this month.