Example Feels Ready To Crack America: "I'm Going To Give It A Go"

11 September 2013, 12:14 | Updated: 11 September 2013, 12:15

The 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' star explains why he moved record labels this year.

Example has explained his decision to sign a new record deal this summer and reveals it was due to his desire to take his music worldwide.

The 'Say Nothing' singer and rapper left Ministry Of Sound after five years and three albums this summer in favour of signing with Sony's Epic label, and says it was definitely the right decision for his future.

"The main reason I left Ministry Of Sound is I wanted to have a better shot at the world," Example revealed to the Daily Star this week. "When I was signed to Ministry I was only signed in the UK.

"With this new deal I've got more chance of my music being heard and released all over," he explained. "We had some amazing times and achieved some crazy stuff but I felt like a new challenge."

The 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' rapper also says America is not a market he really wants to break, and admits he is ready for the opportunity.

"I'm certainly going to give it a go, I'm not going to five up and stop going back there," Example explained. "What a lot of people don't realise is every time you go to America for, say a month, I reveal with about 12 people in the band and crew [and] it's quite expensive!

Check out a picture of Example and wife Erin McNaught together below (Credit: Getty):

"I'm going to tour there in October/November but I'm going to lose money, my own money," the rapper revealed. "However, you look at it, it is an investment.

"I've still got the same hunger I had a few years ago and still wanna achieve loads," he added.

Example releases new single 'All The Wrong Places' last week.