Example in bust up with Alexandra Burke

No more than a week after his clash with Cher Lloyd fans on Twitter, Example has found himself at the centre of yet another heated Twitter exchange, this time with Alexandra Burke and Rochelle from The Saturdays.

It all kicked when Example tweeted: "29 is my real age by the way. My PR age is 24. Everyone has a different age for the media. Alexandra Burke is actually 41". Miaow.

This clearly hit a nerve with Alex, as she told her followers to "be ready" before tweeting: "I'm all about the love&positivity in this industry.. But what I HATE is when celebs hate on 1another..We should all be supporting 1another".

She then went on to post a series of tweets, telling example:

"if you want my # I will gladly give it 2 u so we can have this out. Tired of ur constant bitching!".

"you don't even know me. Don't bitch about me -BITCH2ME!! No need for the rudeness. U won't go far in life if u carry on".

"I have no time for people like you. Grow up and grow some damn balls & say what U need to say to me ! &DONE!!! I will pray4 u mate".

Rochelle from The Saturdays piped up in support of Burke, tweeting: "here here!!!!!!!! Hopefully our paths will all cross together...6 V 1, silly silly boy! Grow a pair!!x".

Example retaliated by replying "can we all just sit down together and just be friends. I'll write you some good songs", before informing Rochelle that his next arena tour was in need of "some miming dancers".

"This beef between me Alexandra Burke and The Saturdays is really kicking off. Don't they realise when boys are mean it means you fancy them.

Might wanna work on your chat up lines, Example.