Enrique fan smooches with her hero

Enrique fan Sophie has talked to Capitalfm.com about the moment her 'Hero' kissed her in front of 75,000 people at the 2011 Summertime Ball.

Sophie was plucked from the crowd and was serenaded by Enrique on the stage at Capital's Summertime Ball, after the 'Could I Have This Kiss Forever?' singer spotted her homemade banner in the audience of the Golden Circle.

"My banner said 'That Somebody's Me!' and so when he asked who wanted to come up on stage I started waving it around like mad," she said. "He pointed at me and asked if I wanted to get up on stage and I was like 'yeah!'."

"At first it was scary with 75,000 people looking at me, but after a while I started to enjoy it," she went on. "In my head I was screaming, and when he cuddled me I thought maybe I shouldn't, but then I thought I might as well get hold of his bum."

"It felt good, and he smelt nice too".


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