Eminem's Six-Minute Battle Rap Song With Busta Rhymes Is "Pretty Crazy"

26 November 2013, 15:09

Producer Scoop DeVille has given new details on the song.

Eminem has teamed up with Busta Rhymes to record a new song, which has been described as a "pretty crazy" six-minute battle rap.

Slim Shady recently showed off his impressive quick rapping skills during the ferocious 'Rap God' – spitting over 6000 words in six minutes and is readying a new showcase of skills.

Details of his latest track were revealed on the red carpet of the American Music Awards by producer Scoop DeVille.

"[I'm] working with Busta Rhymes, I have a single coming out with him called 'Calm Down' with Eminem and that's a six-minute record where they're battling each other for like 30 to 50 bars apiece," he told MTV News. "It's pretty crazy."

Busta first dished info on the track back in September and told XXLMag.com it's the artists "respectfully trying to battle each other in a way that you probably never heard us battle in our entire careers on a record."

Meanwhile, Eminem is preparing to release music videos for new songs 'The Monster' as well as 'Rap God'.

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