Eminem Starts Work On New Album: "I Sneak Songs In Here And There"

10 August 2012, 15:58

The 'Not Afraid' star returns to work on his own music after collaborating with other rappers.

Eminem has revealed that he has begun work on his new album.

The 'Love The Way You Lie' rapper, whose last album 'Recovery' was released in 2010, said he had been busy finishing another project, but was now concentrating on his own music.

"I've actually kinda just started. I've been on the move a little bit too, so I've in between things, sneak songs in here and there," he said on Shade 45.

"We actually just finished the [Slaughterhouse] album last week... Now I've got time to be able to start doing things for my own project."

Eminem also admitted that he had "stolen" production tricks from his long-time collaborator and friend Dr Dre.

'Recovery' marked Eminem's comeback to music and featured the songs 'Love The Way You Lie' featuring Rihanna and 'Not Afraid'. His as-yet-untitled new album currently has no release date.