Eminem pushed Dr Dre to finish album

Eminem pushed Dr Dre to finish his album.

Dre will finally release his 'Detox' album, over 10 years after his last album '2001' came out in 1999.

Eminem appears on Dre's new single 'I Need A Doctor'.

Eminem talk Extra: 'My whole career, especially in the beginning but even still to this day, is always to try to get a reaction out of Dre.

'(With 'I Need A Doctor') the reaction I wanted was the spark him even more than he's been sparked lately, you know what I'm saying? Even push it further and just get him to finish the album.'

Dre added: 'That's what it did. He was like, 'Yo, come on, let's go! Let's get it!'