EXCLUSIVE: Ella Eyre & Rixton’s Lewi Morgan On Dating Rumours… And Meeting In An Alley!

10 February 2015, 15:38 | Updated: 10 February 2015, 15:49

Rixton's Lewis Morgan

Listen to Ella and Lewi get adorably awkward when they are asked about their relationship… Awww!

They’ve only been together a few weeks but Ella Eyre and Lewi Morgan have finally confirmed it – they’re an item!

The ‘Gravity’ singer and the Rixton drummer sparked rumours amongst fans, but when Lewi accompamied Ella to her interview with Capital’s Max, she just had to ask what was happening.

The pair kept it coy in their first interview as a couple, joking that Ella had actually employed Lewi as her tour manager rather than her boyfriend.

When asked how they met, Ella revealed, “We met in an alleyway in Manchester!” and Lewi added that they were “Chilling and chatting.”.

Well, we think they make a lovely couple! 

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