WATCH: Dua Lipa Takes On Harry Styles & Lizzo In A Game Of 'Finish The Lyric'

1 November 2019, 15:57

'Don't Start Now' singer, Dua Lipa, dropped by to chat to us about her new music- and we couldn't let her leave without taking a spin on 'Finish The Lyric'!

Dua Lipa swang by Capital to fill us in on her new music era, the first track of which, 'Don't Start Now', has finally dropped and is a total banger and we couldn't be happier to have her back and releasing new stuff!

So, we thought it was the perfect time to get the 'One Kiss' singer in to play a game of Finish The Lyric, what with her having one of the most iconic voices in pop, and the 24-year-old absolutely didn't disappoint!

Dua Lipa plays Finish The Lyric on Capital
Dua Lipa plays Finish The Lyric on Capital. Picture: Global

From absolutely nailing Lizzo's 'Good As Hell' to not recognising the words to Harry Styles's huge new track, 'Lights Up', the London based singer showed off her impressive pipes, but not so flawless ability to remember lines!

The singer threw Baby Shark over her shoulder and couldn't quite recall Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', but we'll forgive her and she has got to remember a brand new album of words, right?!

After dropping her solo album in 2017 and touring for most of 2018, Dua has spent this year creating her second record which she's described as positive and feel good, which after hearing 'Don't Start Now', we'd say hits the nail totally on the head!

Dua, don't leave us for so long next time- we miss you a whole lot!

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