WATCH: The 13 Most HILARIOUS Drake 'Hotline Bling' Memes And Parodies

18 December 2015, 10:45

Drake's "Hotline Bling" Gets Reimagined By Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, and More Celebrities


We can't get enough of Drake's EPIC 'Hotline Bling' dancing - and clearly, neither can the Internet! When it comes to Drake memes, we've tracked down the good, the bad AND the ugly. ENJOY!

If you've not seen Drake's hilarious dad-dancing in his 'Hotline Bling' music video - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

The hilarious video has sparked a thousand memes, covering everything from Wii Bowling to chucking pepperoni on pizzas.


When American Horror Story: Hotel paid tribute and had hottie Matt Bomer show off his Drake moves...


The Saturday Night Live parody you NEED to see

Poor Drake... this SNL parody of his dance moves and lyrics is SERIOUSLY hilarious. 


This cat that is ridiculously in time with the 'Hotline Bling' bassline

Seriously, this cat is our spirit animal... and it's ridiculously talented too. 


Even Drake himself can't resist dancing along to his own track when it comes on... 

Because who better to parody the music video than the man himself? 

Video: #Drake doing the "Hotline Bling" dance at the Clippers game tonight.

A video posted by Word On Road (@wordonrd) onNov 7, 2015 at 9:34pm PST


The SUPER Sexy Maths Teacher Who Doesn't Realise How Adorable He Is...

If this doesn’t get you learning you fractions and algebra then NOTHING will.

We MAY just have discovered the coolest maths teacher in the world because not only did this guy rock up to school dressed as Drake from the ‘Hotline Bling’ video… but he ALSO busted out the song’s now-iconic dance moves too!

Posted online by some of his students the video quickly went viral (because let’s face it he’s hella hot) as everyone was pretty much in awe of how the teacher managed to be super-cool AND super-dorky at the same time.


The Halloween Parody 

"I know when that doorbell ring, it can only mean one thing" - because every good holiday needs an equally as good parody video to go with it, right?


Mr G

OBVIOUSLY the world's greatest drama teacher is the perfect fit for an interpretive masterpiece! The Summer Heights High legend has appeared in a parody of the video that even actor Chris Lilley can't get enough of!

Mr G's Hotline Bling

Mr G's Hotline Blingby fixmeinforty5 Tumblr

Posted by Chris Lilley on Saturday, 24 October 2015


The Simpsons

Everyone's favourite dysfunctional family have a history of pulling off some amazing dance moves, and they fit PERFECTLY in this 'Hotline Bling' parody.


This Frat Bro...

We did promise you the good, the bad and the ugly - well this DEFINITELY falls under the "bad" category... American college footballer Connor Gilboy made this monstrosity as a recruitment video for a sorority's "King of Queens" contest. Maybe just watch this one on mute... Let's just say there's a reason he's removed it from his YouTube!


Justin Bieber

Justin's gone on record on Instagram as LOVING 'Hotline Bling' (don't we all?) - so when he came in to visit Roman Kemp at Capital, we couldn't resist getting him to show us his best worst dance moves!


Ruby Rose

Everyone's new ultimate girl crush and MTV EMAs host, Ruby Rose dropped this video on her Instagram dancing to 'Hotline Bling'... and we've fallen in love with her a little bit more, hbu?


A video posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) onOct 26, 2015 at 2:50pm PDT


Keep on dancing, Drizzy!

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