Drake Just Got Smashed In The Face With Cheesecake For This Seriously Epic New Video

5 September 2016, 14:54

Drake Childs Play Video

Pow! Right in the kisser...

All the news surrounding Drake at the moment is about his 'will they/won't they' relationship with Rihanna.

But of course there are other things going on with the rapper that aren't to do with RiRi.

Forget Those Snogs - Rihanna's Proved Her Undying Love For Drake With THIS Romantic Gesture!

After all, Drake is one of the most popular artists in the world and he released one of the biggest albums of the year earlier in 2016.

But we've had a serious lack of videos from the project so far.

So as we've waited such a long time for music vids from 'Views', you'd expect them to pretty amazing, right!?.

Well this latest one is exactly that!


He's just shared the visuals for 'Childs Play' and at slightly over 12 minutes long, they're pretty epic.

The video is more like a short film and includes the previously mentioned incredible cheesecake scene.

Never has cheesecake been better used in a music video...never!


Model & presenter Tyra Banks plays Drake's girlfriend in the video and after the couple have a pretty public bust-up in a restaurant, she launches a handful of cheesecake right into his face.

Drake then begins singing with a cheesecake covered face which is also pretty hilarious.

With Drake & Rihanna now seemingly dating, we hope that Drake doesn't treat his girlfiends this way irl.

Cos he'll have the entire Rihanna Navy on his case if he does!

Check out the video for 'Childs Play' in full below...

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