Disclosure's New 2015 Album Preview: What To Expect From The 'Latch' Duo's Return

5 May 2015, 14:20


From their new song 'Bang That' to potential superstar collaborations, here's your guide to Disclosure's return.

Disclosure are going to be back in a big way this year, with a new album on the horizon and a new song having just been revealed for all their patient fans.

Duo Guy and Howard Lawrence scored huge critical and commercial success in 2013 when they burst onto the scene with their award-winning debut album 'Settle', amassing a string of hit singles like 'Latch' and 'F For You' in the process.

The A-Z Of Disclosure - Get To Know Howard & Guy!

The boys have spent much of the past year or two touring across the world, but they've ALSO been steadily working away on #AlbumTwo ready to wow is all over again.

Check out our preview for Disclosure's brand new album below, to find out what it might sound like… and when it could be coming!


1. Disclosure Return With A Brand NEW Song… Ready To Tease Their Next Record!

May 2015 saw the boys put out a new song called 'Bang That' online to whet fans' appetites for what's to come, and judging by fan reaction to this number, they cannot wait to hear more!


2. Even MORE Focus On A Live Sound For #AlbumTwo

With Disclosure having spent almost two years touring off the back of 'Settle' and their new music, you've got to expect their new record could well have a focus around live performances - as they'll no doubt hit the road again as soon as it drops!


3. Some SERIOUSLY Big Guest Artists?

While the boys won't reveal ANY names just yet, they've confirmed several times that a lot of very cool artists have asked to work with them on their new music, so our imagination has pretty much been running wild with who might get the Disclosure treatment yet. Any guesses?


4. Bringing Their Buddy Sam Smith Back For 'Latch' Version Two!

'Latch' was the duo's breakthrough song, and also the track that first introduced us to the incredible voice of Sam Smith. While a lot has happened for both acts since the track first arrived, we know this trio are fast friends so another collaboration sounds like a good bet.


5. Of Course They Could ALSO Bring Back AlunaGeorge For Another Team-Up… #YesPlease!

'White Noise' was Disclosure's next big track from 'Settle', so fingers crossed that with AlunaGeorge also poised to make a comeback in 2015 with a new record, they tie it all in ready for another collaboration.


6. We've Seen What The Boys Are Up To In The Studio… In Between Messing Around Of Course!

While they've posted a LOT of Instagram snaps of them and various producers heaving away on new music, we couldn't resist including this clip of their *ahem* questionable keyboard skills…


Album 2 shaping up real nice, here's Guy hard at work.

A video posted by Disclosure (@disclosure) onApr 22, 2015 at 11:40am PDT


7. Are Things All About To Go A Bit Rock 'N' Roll For Disclosure?

Fingers crossed this isn't just a joke. 


Howard, really impressed with my new beat..

A video posted by Disclosure (@disclosure) onMar 9, 2015 at 9:29am PDT


8. All Things Being Equal… Disclosure's New Album Will Be Here Before The End Of 2015!

Howard and Guy have pretty much promised their fans they'll get new music to them by the end of the year, so get ready to mark those calendars as soon as an official release date is announced.


9. Please, Please, PLEASE Let Mary J. Blige Pop Back Up On A Remix!

The boys surprised us ALL when they added vocals from Mary J Blige on a reworking of their song 'F For You' last year, and it worked SO well that we're already hungry for more from this inspired collaboration.


Keep it Capital for full news on Disclosure's new album as soon as we hear of it.

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