Dappy Says 'Rockstar' Is About Amy Winehouse

19 January 2012, 10:38

The 'No Regrets' rapper says his second solo single was inspired by the soul singer's death in 2011.

Dappy has revealed his new single 'Rockstar' was inspired by the deaths of famous musicians like Amy Winehouse.

The N-Dubz rapper says the track is a tribute to the so-called '27 Club', a list of musical artists who all passed away at the age of 27.

"It's all about paying homage to the 27 Club and amazing artists such as Amy Winehouse," Dappy revealed to the Daily Star.

"It's a song about people getting to their lowest but it talks about turning a negative into a positive."

Dappy unveiled the music video for 'Rockstar' yesterday (18th January), which features a guest appearance from legendary Queen guitarist Brian May.

The 'No Regrets' star has also revealed he feels ready to embark on a UK arena tour at some point this year. 

'Rockstar' is due out on 26th February.