Conor Maynard Hints At Rita Ora Collaboration At Sumertime Ball 2012 - Video

9 June 2012, 22:28 | Updated: 9 June 2012, 22:32

The 'Can't Say No' star says he wants to work with the 'R.I.P.' singer at Wembley Stadium.

Conor Maynard hinted that 'R.I.P' singer Rita Ora might appear on his upcoming album during a chat to Capital FM at the Summertime Ball.

The 19-year-old admitted that the album isn't completely finished, so "it's not 100 per cent".

But the coy singer took some persuading during the backstage interview.

"I have been working with one of the artists on the line-up, a female, her name begins with R," he said.

Conor said he hadn't spotted many of the Summertime Ball 2012 megastars backstage, but he did say hello to his potential future collaborator: "I did say 'What's up to Rita' as I came in."

The newcomer played in front of 80,000 fans earlier this afternoon (9th June) in the Breakers section of the concert, along with Lawson and Cover Drive.

Watch Conor chatting to Capital presenter Will Cozens in the backstage interview below:

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