Conor Maynard New Album 'Contrast' Track By Track Guide

18 July 2012, 11:37 | Updated: 19 July 2012, 13:53

Check out our exclusive look at the debut record from the teen star right now on Capital.

Conor Maynard is preparing to release his debut studio album 'Contrast' later this month and you can get an inside look at the star's record with our track by track guide.

The 19-year-old star burst onto the scene with his first single 'Can't Say No' back in March and has been working in the studio with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Ne-Yo on an album - which is one of the most anticipated of the summer.

The record also features his new single 'Vegas Girl', a collaboration with fellow rising star Rita Ora and the previously unveiled 'Drowning' which he released for free earlier this year.

The album will be released in full on the 30th July.

You can check out the track by track guide to Conor Maynard's 'Contrast' below and let us know which song you are most looking forward to hearing in the comments box below the article.


Conor makes a forceful start to his album with the dirty riffs and straight talking lyrics of 'Animal'. The track builds with a subtle beat and clever production which perfectly compliment the singer's vocals.

'Turn Around' Feat Ne-Yo

The track opens with a bouncing piano hook, which could easily be taken from Calvin Harris' arsenal, and offers the first collaboration of the album with Ne-Yo on board. The R&B singer was the man who discovered the teen star and Conor's ambitions are never more prevalent through titanic vocals which beg for a large scale venue.

'Vegas Girl'

The Brighton star told Capital he wanted to prove you can be anywhere in the world and party like you're in Las Vegas with his second single. He pays tribute to the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Alicia Keys and delivers an acapella "tequila" line guaranteed to leave more than a smile.

'Can't Say No'

It was the track which burst Conor onto the scene and features the most memorable bass line of the year. He pays homage to the female sex as he sings "Girls, girls, girls, I just can't say no," and delivers the stand-out line: "Houston, I think we got a problem," before the chorus drops. The track brought 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium to the feet during a performance at the Summertime Ball and stands tall against similar heavyweight tracks on the album.

'Lift Off' Feat. Pharrell

It's the second collaboration of the album and Pharrell's influence is palpable, with rhythms that shake between his production with Justin Timberlake and the funkier moments of N*E*R*D.

'Mary Go Round'

Starting with a jingle that echoes that of a fairground ride, the song soon shows its prowess as he talks about the struggles of a relationship. "Go play with someone else, I'm getting off this ride," he sings as she shows off his playful side.

'Take Off'

The track immediately makes its presence felt and is supported by a huge chorus and smart invention within the production. The song will likely be a key moment in the star's live set with lyrics that reference leaving the atmosphere – turn it up loud enough and it will get there.

'Better Than You' Feat. Rita Ora

Conor teams up with 'R.I.P' star Rita Ora for his final collaboration of the record and shares a battle of words with the singer. The pair's styles marry well and they even enjoy a laugh as they name check one another in the song.

'Another One'

The influence of his favourite artist Drake is clearly on show as Conor shows off his smooth side. "Voulez vous, you know the rest," he recites before a chorus that delivers an element of Jason Derulo's R&B flavour and is just as cool as one of the American's back-flips.


A hip-hop beat stands proudly at the fore as Conor shows off his vocal range with a falsetto that would rival Usher. "I was always taking pictures, because I didn't want to miss you so bad," sings Conor showing a level of maturity throughout.

'Glass Girl'

The song gives a darker side to the record with a touch of dub-step which is subtle enough to keep the level of suspense constant. It's the confession towards the end of the track which opens new doors as Conor declares: "I'm too young to be committed." 

'Just In Case'

Conor recounts a lost love as he pines for a former relationship in the laid-back track which is one of the most honest moments from the teen star as he sings: "Promise that you'll never forget me."

'Headphones' (iTunes Exclusive)

The sirens sound at the start and attention remains throughout. Fans of his debut single will find this just as appealing as he name-drops Kanye West and Michael Jackson in this summer feel-good track.

'Drowning' (iTunes Exclusive)

The singer gave this track away to fans following the announcement of his debut album back in April. The track brings a triumphant close to the record with the emotionally charged lyrics and powerful delivery.