Conor Maynard Denies Justin Bieber Comparisons: "I Don't Want To Follow Anyone"

20 July 2012, 07:52 | Updated: 20 July 2012, 08:05

The 'Vegas Girl' singer says he is forging his own path and finding out what sort of musical artist he is.

Conor Maynard says the inevitable comparisons between himself and Justin Bieber have made him even more determined to carve out his own career in the music industry.

The 'Can't Say No' singer says he made sure he has his own identity as a solo artist, after being compared to the 'Boyfriend' singer due to both of them first rising to fame performing covers on YouTube.

"A lot of people had it in their minds that I was the next Justin Bieber," Conor explained to The Telegraph this week. "But I didn't want to follow anyone.

"I had to find out what kind of an artist I was, because I had never been in a studio, I hadn't even written a song.

"I wanted to put my own unique stamp on everything cause that was how I was successful on YouTube," Conor added. "I took covers and switched them up and did it my own way, and people became a fan of me rather than a fan of the songs."

Check out a picture of' Vegas Girl' singer-songwriter Conor Maynard below:

Earlier this week Conor spoke out about the huge success of British artists in America at present, and described the relationship between a lot of UK artists and groups as being "like a family" in the way they all support and look after each other.

Conor Maynard is set to officially launch his brand new debut album 'Contrast' on 30th July.