Conor Maynard Vowes Never To Forget His Real Friends Despite Pop Success

11 May 2012, 09:42 | Updated: 11 May 2012, 10:23

The 'Can't Say No' singer says he misses seeing his friends back home in Brighton now he is out on the road so much.

Conor Maynard has vowed never to forget his real friends and says he misses getting to spend time with them while he is launching his career in pop.

The 19 year-old singer-songwriter launched his debut single 'Can't Say No' last month to great success, but says he will always make time to see his friends back home and would love to take them all on holiday in the future.

"I'm going to see my friends less and less because of work," Conor revealed to the Daily Star. "But I won't ever forget them.

"In one of Drake's songs he talks about taking his friends on a massive holiday and paying for it all," the Brighton-born singer explained. "I can imagine doing that, taking my friends away on holiday as a thank-you for being so patient while I was so busy doing  the pop thing.

Last month the 'Can't Say No' singer unveiled the music video for a new song called 'Drowning' which will feature on his debut album 'Contrast'. 

Ed Sheeran congratulated Conor on his recent chart success yesterday (10th May) on Twitter telling the singer-songwriter he has been "smashing it".

Conor Maynard will launch his debut studio album 'Contrast' on 30th July.