Conor Maynard Reveals Acting Ambitions: "It Would Be Amazing"

29 March 2012, 14:19 | Updated: 29 March 2012, 14:22

The 'Can't Say No' star says he would love to emulate the career of Justin Timberlake by being involved in both music and film.

Conor Maynard says he would love to branch out into acting later on his his career, and cites the likes of Justin Timberlake as an example of how to balance music with other ventures.

The 'Can't Say No' singer reveals he was originally interested in acting, before kickstarting his music career with a string of highly watched YouTube covers, but promises his focus for the foreseeable future is solely on music.

"Funnily enough, before I did music and it was my main interest, acting was definitely something I wanted to do," Conor revealed, during his exclusive CapitalFM webchat yesterday (28th March). "I was in drama school. Do you remember Dream Team on Sky? I was one of the characters in it for a special episode."

"I'd love to kind of do the whole comedy thing, as well as serious [roles]," Conor admitted. "For me it's like watching people like Justin Timerlake's career.

"He did all the music and, he's an actor now, so I think that would be an amazing thing to eventually do myself, but I'll have to see how the music goes first!" he added.

The 19 year-old singer recently travelled across to America to work with artists like Pharrell Williams and Ne-Yo, and has promised fans there could be some "cool" collaborations on his upcoming debut album.

Conor Maynard is expected to launch his debut single 'Can't Say No' on 16th April.

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