Chris Brown Reveals Plans For Ten Years Time: "I Want To Be Bigger Than Ever!"

5 April 2013, 12:39

The 'Fine China' singer says he wants to keep on collaborating with great artists in the future.

Chris Brown says he hopes to be "even bigger" in ten years time than he is now at this point in his career.

The 'Turn Up The Music' singer is preparing to release his new album 'X' in the coming months, which represents his first ten years in the music industry.

Chris has opened up about the album title's significance and says he wants to continue pushing the boundaries of his music.

"I think, hopefully, in 10 years, I'll be bigger than I've ever been, hopefully," Chris revealed to MTV News, when asked about his plans for the future.

"I've accomplished so much of my goals, just from being from Virginia, being able to take my mum, my parents and certain people out of poverty that I grew up with," the R&B star explained. "That's one of my main goals that I focused on."

Chris went on to say that his focus now is on further improving his music and getting to work with some of the industry's most exciting talent.

"Now it's about shaping my life, being able to write for great artists," he continued. "J-Lo, you know collaborating, working on her album and doing stuff that I never thought was possible."

Check out a picture of Chris Brown in the new video for 'Fine China' below:

Earlier this week the R&B star unveiled the official music video for his latest single, a song called 'Fine China'.

Chris Brown is expected to drop his sixth studio album 'X' sometime this summer.