Chris Brown Teases Ariana Grande Duet With Dance Video

15 April 2014, 10:30

The singer posts a one-take dance video as a trailer for his upcoming single.

Chris Brown has previewed his new single with Ariana Grande 'Don't Be Gone Too Long'.

The 'Loyal' singer posted a one-take video of him dancing in a dimly lit studio to the track's backing music and chorus. 

'Don't Be Gone Too Long' was originally due to be released last month but was delayed due to Brown's legal problems. 

Explaining the delay, Grande recently tweeted: "sooo.... i have bad news and good news.... but just please keep in mind how much i love you and how i wish more than you do that this wasn't the case... 

"ok so.... my loves... so obviously some things have changed recently... so we have to delay the dbgtl countdown... some things are out of our control."

'Don't Be Gone Too Long' serves a the latest track from Brown's 'X' album, which is slated for release next month.