Chris Brown's Producers Call Him "The Michael Jackson Of This Generation"

31 January 2012, 21:48 | Updated: 31 January 2012, 22:09

The 'Beautiful People' singer has been described as the "ultimate artist" by his producers on new single 'Turn Up The Music'.

Chris Brown has been described as "this generation's Michael Jackson" by the producers of his new single

American production duo The Underdogs worked with the 'Next To You' singer on his recently unveiled single 'Turn Up The Music', and have insisted he is the "ultimate artist" right now.

"He's so well-rounded, so versatile, he can really cover anything," The Underdogs' Harvey Mason Jr told MTV News. "You can really come to him with any record that you think is that hot.

"He is, for me right now, and for many people, the ultimate artist," he explained. "He's kind of this generation's Michael Jackson, if you will."

'Turn Up The Music' will be the first single to be released from Chris Brown's fifth studio album 'Fortune'.

The single is due out on 14th February while 'Fortune' will follow with an expected release on 16th March.