Taio Cruz Reveals Cheryl Cole Collaboration

After hooking up for 'Stand Up' on her first album, Taio Cruz reveals he's working with Cheryl Cole on her new music.

Taio Cruz has confirmed to Capital that he and Cheryl Cole have been spending time in the studio working on tracks for her new album.

"Yeah, I can't say too much about the songs, but it was great to see her again," he told Capital's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes.

"She's great and feels the exactly the same as usual and was excited about recording the new album." 

Taio also told us a bit about his new music, and it's not long now until you'll get to hear his new single.

"Literally when I was on holiday I wrote a brand new song and that's gonna be the next single," he revealed.

"That's gonna be coming out literally in the next month or so, and then the new album will be out by the end of the year as well."