Cheryl Cole is my 'Soulmate' says Hough

Derek Hough is reportedly pining for Cheryl Cole more than ever following their recent new year break.

A source told The Sun Newspaper: "Derek has been like a lovesick puppy since arriving back in LA. He's been talking non-stop about their South African holiday and says he's convinced she's 'the one'.

"He's showing everyone his pictures, which look amazing. He did an entire photoshoot with Cheryl in their hotel room. She did loads of beautiful poses and looks incredible, even without a scrap of make-up."

The source continued by revealing: "He is convinced they are soulmates and said this holiday made him realise more than ever how well suited they are. He said they'd sit up for hours, chatting until 2 or 3am.

"They spoke a lot about the future and what they both want. He said he feels happier than he ever has in his life, which is a big deal for Derek as he had a pretty tough time growing up."

"Derek's having the last laugh though. He's spending the next few weeks putting the final touches to the Hollywood apartment he's bought to share with Chezza when she moves Stateside.

According to the source: "She's told him what she wants to put her stamp on it and he's obeying her orders."


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