Cheryl Cole Ready To Shoot Music Video For New Song

13 March 2012, 06:49 | Updated: 13 March 2012, 14:28

The 'Parachute' star says she is reading through treatments for the promo to her comeback single.

Cheryl Cole has confessed that she is currently reading through different video treatments in preparation to shoot the official music video to the first single from her upcoming third studio album.

The 'Promise This' singer took to her Twitter account last night (12th March) to build further excitement around the tracks release.

She tweeted: "I love a good read.. Don't you ? Esp a good VIDEO TREATMENT !!!!!!!!!!"

The Girls Aloud singer was asked by some of her followers for a further explanation as to what she meant, to which she explained what a treatement was.

"It is when you get a little script. Its like a mini story of the Video and it shows pictures and explains what will happen in it…#comprende"

Anticipation has been building for the first release from the singer since last year's 'The Flood' when she first confirmed she had put the finishing touches on the record last month.