Cheryl Cole Moves In With

Cheryl Cole has reportedly agreed to move in with close friend and manager

The singer who recently jetted off to break America will swap a life of living out of suitcases in LA hotels in favour of Will’s Hollywood home which comes complete with a home studio.

A source told the Sunday Mirror, "Cheryl is sick to death of ­staying in hotels when she's in LA. She has been looking at renting a condo for six months when she makes a semi-permanent move out there."

The source added, "She's seen some great houses. But she is worried about being lonely when her mum and brother Garry aren't around. Will suggested she move in with him while she gets settled and has even said she is welcome for all of her stay."

"By staying at Will's she'll be able to play around with tracks with him. Cheryl was hesitant at first but then realised it made perfect sense."

Any possibilities of the pair being romantically linked were dismissed after Cheryl revealed that she 'doesn't see like that'.

Cole is currently working on her third solo studio album which is rumored to feature a collaboration with DJ/Producer David Guetta.

The first single from the release is due later this year.