Lana Del Rey Version Of Cheryl Cole's 'Ghetto Baby' Appears Online - Audio

9 August 2012, 12:11 | Updated: 9 August 2012, 12:13

The track was originally performed by Lana but given to Cheryl for her latest album 'A Million Lights'.

Lana Del Rey's version of Cheryl Cole's song 'Ghetto Baby' has appeared on YouTube.

The track was originally written by Lana and given to Cheryl for her recent album 'A Million Lights'.

In an interview with Capital FM, the Girls Aloud singer admitted she was a big fan of Lana after being introduced to her music over a year ago and was delighted to record one of her songs.

"I noticed Lana about a year ago," she said.

"I was hearing these songs that were really fresh to my ear and amazing and I asked the guy who she was and he said, 'Watch out for her, it's a girl called Lana Del Rey'.

Listen to Lana Del Rey's version of 'Ghetto Baby':

"And then a bit later on I got this song sent and he said, 'Just listen to this song, not sure how you'll feel about it'. I listened to it and I'm like, I can't believe this guy said he's not sure how I'm going to feel about it because I love it.

"I called him and I said, I love this song by the way and I said who is it? He said, 'Remember that girl Lana Del Rey, it's her'.

Listen to Cheryl Cole's version of 'Ghetto Baby':

"It all happened really organically just like that," Cheryl added. "And then 'Video Games' came out and I fell in love with her as an artist as well, so yeah, she's super talented."

Cheryl's third solo album 'A Million Lights' was released earlier this year and features the singles 'Call My Name' and 'Under The Sun'.