Kimberley Walsh: "I'm Scared For Cheryl"

Kim says Cheryl's LA life will be terrifying.

Kimberley Walsh has spilled the beans on her trip to LA with Girls Aloud BFF Cheryl Cole, and says the crazy fans and paparazzi are pretty scary.

"It made me realise what it's like for her," Kim said. "I get scared for her in the madness."

Cheryl's first major public outing after getting the chop from the US X Factor judging panel was on her girly break in the states with Kim where the pair had fun chilling by day and sipping coffee-flavoured Patron tequila by night.

Cheryl is said to be planning a permanent move to LA after a £3million apartment caught her eye, but Kim is worried the paps will be a problem for Chezza like they were during their holiday.

"The only thing missing was a bit of shopping," Kimberley said. "But it became far too hard to organise as Cheryl gets hounded out there by the paparazzi.

"It was absolutely terrifying."