Cheryl Cole: Justin Biebers Really Cute

The first lady of the Summertime Ball admits to having a little Bieber Fever.

Cheryl Cole has told Roberto and Margherita Taylor that she has a crush on Justin Bieber. Backstage at the Summertime Ball, hours before her performance, the Girls Aloud and solo megastar admitted that shes not been immune to a little Bieber Fever.

 I wouldnt mind working with any of the stars at the Ball, she said, but I think Justin Biebers really cute. Ive met him once before.

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Cheryl also had plenty of good things to say about Black Eyed Peas, whom shes just finished touring with.

 Will is a great guy. Put aside his obvious talents, hes a good person and I love spending time with him.

 I couldnt imagine not [working with him]... I hope he stays in my career throughout.

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What does Justin Bieber think about Cheryl Cole?