Cheryl Cole gets tough with press?

Cheryl Cole has reportedly taken out an injunction against the paparazzi to prevent the photographers from following her.

A source told Heat Magazine: "She's not sure she wants anything to do with showbusiness any more. She has devoted everything to being famous and she believes it has cost her health, her marriage and her peace of mind. It's time for a change.

"Cheryl has vowed to put her life back together, and for now that does not include any part of the fame game. She has said she's always making massive changes to her life."

The source added: "She said that she felt like her whole life had been bugged - she was being watched every minute of the day. Everyone had an opinion on what she was doing, and on her relationships. She just felt it had become too much and was getting to her."

The injunction would see the banning of press taking photographs of the star in any private places including her home, her friends' and family's home and buildings not open to the general public.