Cheryl Cole gets a de-stress gift from Ashley

Ashley Cole is trying to win back Cheryl with a relaxation present.

As gifts go for stressed girls, a massage or a spa day would be a typical choice, but Ashley Cole is trying to win Chezza back with a more unique option; a flotation tank.

The soundproofed tank is filled with salt water and you hop in to chill out, so Ashley's is hoping this will de-stress Cheryl after her X Factor ordeal. 

"Ashley reckons he's thought of the best present to show Cheryl how much he still cares about her," a source said.

Since getting dumped from the US judging panel, Cheryl Cole has been in hiding and has reportedly been having hypnotherapy sessions to manage her stress levels.

So Ash has taken tips from his Chelsea football mates and purchased the relaxation tank as a present for Cheryl.

"Some of the players at Stamford Bridge use the flotation tanks," the source told The Sun.

"This will almost be a first step to having some of her belongings back in the house."