Cheryl Cole On Family Life: "I'm Grateful For My Normal Upbringing"

4 April 2012, 10:33 | Updated: 4 April 2012, 11:02

The 'Messy Little Raindrops' singer says without her family's support she could "go crazy".

Cheryl Cole says she is grateful for her normal upbringing and home life and credits her family for helping her stay grounded despite her celebrity status.

The '3 Words' singer says she still finds it "weird" that people are so interested in her personal life and says the media perception of her isn't representative of how she really is.

"People psycho-analyzing every move you make is weird," Cheryl told Marie Claire magazine in their May issue ."People have this idea of how my life is because of what they read and it couldn't be further from the truth most of the time.

"It's something you learn to deal with, not something you accept to be normal," the 'Parachute' singer explained. "And I'm from such a normal family and background and I'm grateful for that because if I wasn't it could send you crazy."

The Girls Aloud star wrapped filming of her new music video for upcoming single 'Call My Name' over the weekend in Los Angeles, and the track is set to serve as the lead single from her highly anticipated third studio album.

View a picture of Cheryl Cole on the cover of Marie Claire magazine below (Picture: Tesh /Marie Claire):

Cheryl Cole