The Dish On Cheryl Cole And Derek Hough's Dinner Date

Cheryl's rumoured ex Derek Hough is not impressed with her plans to go back to Ashley Cole.

Cheryl Cole reunited with Derek over dinner on Friday night to reportedly share the news that she is getting back together with the Chelsea footballer.

But Derek reckons Chezza's plan to reconcile with her cheating ex-hubby is a big mistake.

“(Derek) has accepted their relationship is over. But he still cares for her as a friend and is convinced Cheryl getting back with Ashley is going to end one way... with Cheryl in tears and heartbroken,” a source shared with the Sunday Mirror.

"He told her, 'a cheat will never change and whatever you think, he will betray you. If he breaks your heart again, I will not be your shoulder to cry on'.”

Despite Derek's advice, Cheryl is said to be planning a second honeymoon with Ashley to South Africa, the same place Cheryl spent time with Derek last New Year's Eve.