Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough to start a family?

Cheryl Cole has reportedly told ‘close friend’ Derek Hough that she wants to start a family but a chance of a dream wedding is not on the cards.

Talking to the Daily Star newspaper a source revealed;

"Cheryl has told Derek she loves him and wants to settle down and start a family. But she's made it quite clear that it won't involve a wedding. Cheryl has told Derek point-blank that she won't marry him.

"She's been permanently scarred by her marriage break-up with Ashley and can't face going through another divorce. Derek has really been hit hard by Cheryl's change of heart. He is desperate to get married and settle down.

"She wants to have babies - and lots of them - and has told him that he’s the man she wants to be with. But he had his hopes set on a really big wedding. Derek's very traditional and grew up in a Mormon household where having children out of wedlock is absolutely not acceptable."

Cheryl reportedly u-turned her decision to live with Hough in L.A earlier this week claiming that she ‘needed her own space’.