Cheryl Cole And Derek Hough Reunite

'Promise This' star Cheryl Cole has been a shoulder to cry on for Derek Hough through his recent breakup.

Ahead of the latest series of Dancing With The Stars in America, Cheryl Cole sent a good luck message on Twitter to her rumoured former boyfriend, who she was linked to after splitting from Ashley Cole.

The Girls Aloud star also had a bottle of whisky and some good luck flowers delivered to Derek Hough's dressing room to show her love.

So since breaking up from his most recent girlfriend, reports say Derek has become close to Cheryl Cole again.

"Cheryl's been extremely supportive toward Derek recently as he has gone through a bit of a down period," a source told The Sun.

"He started to date someone but yet again it didn't work out for him.

"Cheryl is hoping to go along with her brother Garry to watch Derek perform in a live show in the next month and give her support."

Cheryl, who has been living in LA while trying to launch her solo music career in the US, was reportedly offered £5million by Simon Cowell to judge Britain's Got Talent.

But since getting snubbed from The X Factor she's said to be focusing on her new songs and is expected to release a new single and album later this year.