Dance Like Cheryl: 7 'Crazy Stupid Love' Dance Moves To IMPRESS Your Mates With

18 July 2014, 15:08

Clear away the furniture, dust off those booty-shaking combats and prepare to impress.

When it comes to pop stars who can move you can't get much better than Chezza. Our favourite Geordie lass certainly knows how to bust those moves and get the crowds going with her high-energy performance. With the release of new single 'Crazy Stupid Love' just days away we thought we'd share a MASSIVE secret with you... how to dance like Cheryl!   

1. Let's kick things off with the double cowgirl. Ready? 1...2...3... Go!

Feels good right? Ready for the next part?


2. Now it's all about the hair flick with this one. It's the move we call the 'slide & clap'. And back back flick clap...

Now you're oozing sex appeal. Impressed?


3. Right this is where we turn up the tempo and get some Beyonce-inspired bootylicious rhythm going. Ready to shake it? Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Got a bit of a sweat on now haven't you? Well Chezza wouldn't give up here so neither can you!


4. Ok, so this is where we see who can REALLY co-ordinate those moves. Ready for the thigh to shoulder slap? And bounce...

Ok if you're literally gasping for breath right now slow things down with some seductive looks to the camera. Feels good right?


5. Ok, we can have some real fun with this one. Introducing... The windscreen wiper! Come one let's clear that window...

Car wash eat your heart out, you've really nailed this one. This is better than a gym workout isn't it?


6. So we knew you loved this one last time. We can squeeze another one of those booty shakes, but this time... horizontal style!

You're practically a pop star in your own right now, but there's just one last thing you need to know...


7. Every world-class dance performance ALWAYS ends with a cheeky wink. Ready? Wink!

Ok so you look like you might have a bit of sand in your eye but it was a decent attempt.

You're now a fully-fledged member of the Cheryl Cole #soldiers dance class. Next time you go out partying with your friends you can put them all to shame by busting some of these jaw-dropping moves. Now if you're feeling REALLY adventurous let's piece all these moves together and perform the full routine. Up for it?

Cheryl's 'Crazy Stupid Love' is available to download from this Sunday.Pre-order your copy here

Here's Cheryl performing 'Crazy Stupid Love' at the Capital Summertime Ball with Vodafone.