Cheryl Cole Shares New Before Famous Picture Featuring Her Mum

30 August 2013, 11:47

The 'Call My Name' star posts the private picture to her Instagram account.

Cheryl Cole has posted a new before she was famous shot to her Instagram account.

The Girls Aloud star shared the snap on her social networking site in celebration of throwback Thursday.

The image sees a fresh-faced Cheryl with bows in her hair as her mum holds her up to camera.

The star is also sporting a pink dress and gives a big smile.

Check out the picture of Cheryl with her mum before she was famous below: (Picture: Instagram)


Meanwhile, the singer recently debuted the full design of her new tattoo – which covers her entire bottom.

A portion of the tattoo was first revealed to the world during Girls Aloud's 'Ten' anniversary tour earlier in the year.